Noseworthy Travel Staff

James Ridgway


Robert Vander Maten


Tim Brown

Vice President and CFO/COO

Joanne Howard

Vice President Information Systems and Technology

Tamryn Foley

Sales and Marketing Manager

Natalie Kale

Executive Sales Assistant

Sales & Development Department

Mark Yeh

Director of Sales & Marketing Development

Joseph Cavarra

President of Cruise Product Development

Bethany Barbree

Revenue and Product Development Manager

Tracy Minyard

Sales Administration Manager

Missions Department

Gordon Moody

Director of Missions

Marie Jeffries

Missions Ticketing Manager

Roger Jimenez

Missions Assistant

Operations Department

Lauree Randolph

Operations Manager

Xavier Jarrell

Assistant Operations Manager

Sonia Dryden

Executive Assistant to the Vice President

Peggy Dawson

Training Coordinator

Yuliana Gornoski

Operations Auditor

Tour Host Assistants

Alyssa Harrell

Tour Host Assistant

Dianna Hilyard

Tour Host Assistant

Carissa Lake

Tour Host Assistant

Amanda McAbee

Tour Host Assistant

Erin Njubi

Tour Host Assistant

Joiris Santiago-Guzman

Tour Host Assistant

Ashley Weidman

Tour Host Assistant

Guest Services (Day)

Elly Cruz

Guest Services

Jessie Devlin

Guest Services

Lynn Pointer

Guest Services

Guest Services (Night)

Josh Brown

Guest Services Manager

Ashley Andujar

Guest Services

Jennifer Davis

Guest Services

Stacey DeVore

Guest Services

Logan Eickmeier

Guest Services

Liz Sevilla

Guest Services

Accounting Department

Shawn Reynolds

Director of Accounting

Leila Clarke

Crediting Manager

Lin Brown

Deposit Manager

Kim Barber

Accounting Clerk

Andrew Reynolds


Air Department

Paul Brown

Director of Air Operations

Teri Cuthrell

Ticketing Manager

Teresa O'Hara

Group Ticketing Agent

Mariangela Truax

Ticketing Agent

Computer Department

Jay Weidman

Senior Programmer

Anthony Lim


Kimberley Blake

Technical Support

Land & Cruise Operations

Angie Tice

Director of Operations

Andrea Knowles

Cruise Operations Manager

Marketing Department

Doris Dionne

Manager of Production and Design

Ariella Brown

Production Artist

Sheri Deliman

Graphic/Production Artist

Linda Yeh

Copy Editor

Communications and Media

Ryan Choate

Director of Media and Communications

Shelby Camp

Digital Media Specialist

Joseph Kyker

Communications and Media

Jimmy Ridgway

Communications and Media

Shipping and Fulfillment Department

Gary Couey

Print Shop Manager

Keith Barber

Shipping Manager