Noseworthy Travel Services
Making Payments Online ~ New Passengers

Thank you for joining the NTS travel family.

To make your deposit and registration via the NTS web site, please follow these steps:

1) Locate and click on the FIND A TRIP link (at left, under the NTS Logo).

2) Locate the gray "I KNOW MY TOUR INFORMATION" box on the right hand side of the screen.
3) Using the code on the upper right corner of your brochure, complete the fields in the
You will need to fill in:
Departure Date (and Letter Code)
Group Leader's ID
4) Click the Search botton of the "I KNOW MY TOUR INFORMATION" box.
5) After reviewing the itinerary and information available, please click on the Register On-Line button

6) Select your departure date from the list on the blue page (you may need to scroll down).

7) Click to register after reviewing the pricing information.

8) Complete the registration form and hit the submit button at bottom.