Travel Information

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience we have gathered a list of the most frequently asked questions.
We look forward to serving you on your next Noseworthy Travel Service program.
  • Phone Calls
    When calling from a foreign country, please be aware that many hotels charge a service fee if the call is charged to the room. Some even charge a service fee if the call is made collect. If you have a long distance calling card, most long distance companies now have access codes which will save the caller a significant amount of money. Please check with your long distance company to obtain this access code.
  • Rental Cars
    The major cities in which we will be visiting and staying have rental cars available through Hertz, Avis, etc. Only a U.S. driver's license is required.
  • Lost Articles
    Noseworthy Travel does not assume any responsibility for items lost in hotels, busses, or at points of sightseeing.
  • Mail
    Mail can be sent to you directly to your hotel. Letters to tour members should not be mailed from the U.S.A. later than 6-9 days prior to departure.
  • Special Diets
    We will do our best to meet your requirements. However, there will be limitations in our ability to do so depending upon the country and hotel in which we are staying. PLEASE BE PREPARED TO PURCHASE ANY SPECIALIZED FOOD-STUFFS WHICH YOU MIGHT NEED AT THE LOCAL MARKET.
  • Lunch
    Lunches are usually not included in the cost of your travel program (please refer to your brochure) but may be purchased along the way. It is NOT appropriate to make your lunch from hotel breakfast food.
  • Beverages and Extras
    Water served at the table, in most hotels we use, is considered safe. Bottled water, coffee, tea, and soft drinks are always available at a supplemental charge. Outside the United States, beverages are not generally included with the meal except for coffee or tea at breakfast. Therefore, if you order beverages at lunch or dinner, you will be charged for it. Please settle for these extras before you leave the dining room. When paying a bill, remember that the change back from your dollars will almost always be in the currency of the country. Please do not expect nor demand American money.
  • Identification
    You will receive luggage tags before you leave home. These must be placed on the handle of your suitcase.
    Wear Your Name Tag At All Times. This will give everyone in the group a chance to get acquainted, will help us to keep track of the party and facilitate the group's passage through the various customs points.
  • Be A Considerate Traveler
    Remember you are traveling as a group and should consider the comfort and well being of the entire group at all times. If you are late getting on the bus, everyone loses valuable time. You should settle any personal charges you may have (such as laundry, telephone, etc.) directly with the hotel the night before you check out. This way you will not hold up the group at the last moment while you settle your personal bills. If you have to be absent from a day of touring for any reason, please notify your tour host, bus captain or guide as soon as possible. You will be given ample time to photograph scenery and points of interest, so please do not delay the group by continuing to take photos after we call "all aboard." Please be prepared to rotate your seat on the bus daily. No smoking is allowed in the dining room or on the bus.
  • DVD/Video Purchases
    When purchasing a DVD or video in Europe or the Middle East, be certain you are buying the NTSC or American version. Do not buy a video on which the letters PAL appear; the PAL videos will not play on your American video machine.
  • An Experienced Travelers Tips For Packing
    Take only what you can carry yourself
    Plan your wardrobe around one color
    Plan to dress in layers
    Take nothing that wrinkles (or simply ignore wrinkles)
    Place all liquids in plastic bottles and pack inside zip-lock bags
  • Money Matters
    How much money should I plan to take with me?
    Because almost everything is included in your travel program, you will need money only for lunches (unless lunches have been included), beverages and incidental expenses. You should be able to satisfy your needs with $300 to $400.  In most countries, you will need to change your American money into local currency.
    It is NOT necessary to change currency. In fact, it is better if you use American money and avoid any exchange. Money is lost on the exchange and the shops would prefer to have the purchases made with American money. Please bring $50 in ones and several $5, $10 and $20 bills.
    American money will be accepted in most stores which cater to tourists. However, hotels and non-tourist establishments may demand Egyptian money. Keep your bank receipts! Without your exchange receipts, Egyptian banks will not change your money back into American currency.
    Always bring your check book! It can come in handy in a true emergency. However, personal checks cannot be written to banks or hotels for cash. Most stores do not accept personal checks. Noseworthy Travel does not provide money exchange or personal check cashing services.
    Can I take my American Travelers Checks to a bank and cash them for US dollars? NO. Most banks and exchange facilities will not give you US dollars in return for travelers checks. While travelers checks are accepted in most tourist shops, you should expect to receive change in the currency of the country in which you are visiting. Please do not expect nor demand American money. You may obtain foreign currency at the airports or banks of the cities you will visit. Some - but not all - hotels, restaurants, and shops will accept US travelers checks and US currency.
    Major credit cards are accepted in many stores and shops throughout the Middle East and Europe (except Egypt). The "exchange rate" changes every day. Therefore, the number of American dollars needed to purchase an item changes daily. This change will be evident when using credit cards. The exchange rate may change (to your advantage OR to your disadvantage) before your credit company bills you.
  • Service Charges and Tips
    Before you leave the US, Noseworthy Travel Services has already collected money for standard service charges and tips. NTS will distribute the tips to the guides, drivers, porters, waiters, maids, reception staff, etc. If you ask a special favor of a maid or porter, for example, you should tip these persons as you would at home.
  • Shopping
    Although this is not a "shopping tour", we fully understand the desire to bring home souvenirs. Time has been allotted for shopping. Some of you will think this time is not enough and some will think too much time is spent on shopping. Please remember, the purpose of our travel programs is educational and inspirational, and we try to arrange the programs to please the majority of participants. Shopping is done "at your own risk" . Noseworthy Travel assumes no responsibility for purchases at places recommended by any guide. Beware of merchants who sell low cost items only to vastly overcharge on expensive items. Avoid street peddlers, especially while touring. They are a hindrance to the group. Do not even say "NO" to them; ignore them completely. And never allow peddlers on the motorcoach.
  • Value Added Tax Refunds
    A "Value Added" tax (VAT) is much like our sales tax. In most countries abroad, VAT is charged on all items purchased. As you are a tourist, you can recover this tax if:
    1) Your purchases in one store exceed a specific amount;
    2) You receive from the store a Tax Refund form;
    3) You present this form and your unopened merchandise to customs officials at the border of the country. Customs officers will validate your form with an
    official stamp;
    4) You mail the validated form to the store where you made the purchase. They will mail you a check for the tax refund.
    For more information, please check with your guide during the first week of travel.
  • U.S. Customs Regulations
    A returning U.S. resident is allowed $400.00 in purchases duty free under the following regulations:
    1) You must be abroad at least 48 hours.
    2) Articles totaling $400 must be based on a fair retail value of the country from which they came.
    3) Articles totaling $400 will be covered by customs exemptions provided they:
    a) Accompany the returning resident
    b) Are required as an incident of the trip
    c) Are for personal, household and gift purposes
    d) Are properly recorded with customs
    4) Gifts may be mailed to the U.S.A. duty free but are limited to $50.00 gifts per person per day (does not include perfumes costing more than $5, tobacco, liquor).
  • Folklore Show (Holy Land Trips Only)
    The Israeli Folklore Evening, a show of song and dance, will be performed during your stay. Tickets for this entertainment can be purchased in Jerusalem from your guide.
  • Optional Tour
    Many of our programs offer optional tours (please refer to your brochure). Your guide will give further details and the opportunity to sign up for any optional tours.
  • Border Crossing
    You may experience difficulty if you try to bring food, even unopened, pre-packaged food, across Middle East borders.
  • Hotel Check-In
    Roommate and room assignments are pre-arranged for swift and efficient check-in. Occasionally, your rooms may not be ready upon your arrival due to a Jewish Sabbath or some other circumstance. Your guide will instruct you on check-in procedures prior to your arrival.