Pastor Daniel & Carolyn Morris

Carolyn and I have always had a desire to travel to the Holy Land to see the Word of God come to life for us. We would like to invite you to join us along with my friend and former pastor Dr. Gary Crawford, his wife Ingrid and an exciting group of believers as we take this journey and retrace the footsteps of our Savior.

We anticipate this ten day trip to be life changing for all of us as we walk where Jesus walked and follow the lives of His disciples and the patriarchs of the Old Testament. I believe we will encounter moments in the Holy Spirit as we travel through this ancient land. Our time together will be filled with Worship, fellowship, fun and the study of God’s Word led by myself and Dr. Crawford. We’ll experience times of praise and worship at the very locations where our faith originated. We hope that you will pray and ask the Lord for His guidance with regard to your joining us on this trip of a lifetime in September of 2021.

We do not currently have any tours for Pastor Daniel & Carolyn Morris.