Summer 2022 Travel Tips

As travel demand increases globally, airlines are facing staffing shortages, which means fewer flights, fuller planes, and fewer staff managing baggage. Please review our suggestions to minimize frustration and make your journey go as smoothly as possible. 

Checked and Carry-On Bags 

  • Carry your prescription(s)/essential medication(s) in your personal item.  
  • If possible, pack a carry-on bag in lieu of a checked bag. 
  • If not possible, pack a carry-on bag with a few full outfits, small toiletries, and other small necessities. 
  • Take a picture of all your luggage pieces and especially your checked bags before you leave home.  
  • Place the luggage tags you received in your final tangibles on all checked bags.  
  • If your luggage is deemed lost upon arrival, do not leave the airport without filing a claim and receiving a file reference number from the airline. It is imperative to have this file reference number readily available. 
  • You will likely incur additional airline checked baggage fees that are not included in the price of the tour. These fees vary by airline and are at the airline’s discretion on each segment of the flight itinerary. Additionally, you may incur optional fees (food, excess baggage, overweight baggage, items of personal nature, etc.) as well. For more information, visit
  • Bring a communications device such as a cellular phone or tablet. If you have a smartphone, please bring it even if you do not plan to activate international service. 
  • This device will be the best way for the airline or us to communicate with you in the event of lost luggage or an emergency. 


  • Temperatures in Europe are at record highs, and temperatures in Israel are near their highest for the summer. 
  • While traveling in Europe, bring a reusable water bottle to fill. 
  • While traveling in the Holy Land, bring lots of $1 bills to purchase bottled water on the bus.