Join Pastor Tim Breen in The Best of Israel starting at $4,049* from the New York area, $4,347* from Chicago, or $4,547* from Sioux Falls on February 12, 2024. You will see Beersheba, Ein Avdat, the Wilderness of Zin, Arad, Masada, Ein Gedi, Qumran, Caesarea Philippi, the Golan Heights, Mount Arbel, Sea of Galilee,...Read More

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Join Pastor Tim Breen in The Best of Israel starting at $4,049* from the New York area, $4,347* from Chicago, or $4,547* from Sioux Falls on February 12, 2024. You will see Beersheba, Ein Avdat, the Wilderness of Zin, Arad, Masada, Ein Gedi, Qumran, Caesarea Philippi, the Golan Heights, Mount Arbel, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Tabgha, Nazareth, Sepphoris, Tel Meggido, Caesarea Maritima, and much more!

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Daily Itinerary

Day 1 - February 12 – USA to the Holy Land

Your pilgrimage begins as you depart the USA on an overnight flight.

Day 2 - February 13 – Welcome to the Holy Land

You will be welcomed at the Tel Aviv airport by our representative and transferred to your hotel in Beersheba to enjoy dinner before retiring for the night.

Day 3 - February 14 – Ein Avdat & Arad

Pass through Beersheba, where Abraham made a pact with Abimelech (Genesis 21). Here, Abraham had dug a well and planted a Tamarisk tree.  The area is often referred to as the southern border of Israel. Visit Ein Avdat, a part of the largest Wadi, the Nahal Zin. It is a spectacular narrow canyon in the Negev. At the opening of the canyon, the water of numerous springs descends into two deep pools in a series of waterfalls.  Ein Avdat is a spectacular natural wonder as the source of the water is yet unknown. Travel through the Wilderness of Zin to Arad, mentioned only four times in the Bible, yet an important city in biblical times. The most remarkable discovery in Arad is the only Israelite temple yet excavated. Its plan appears to follow that of Solomon’s temple. We return to our Beersheba hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 4 - February 15 – Masada, Ein Gedi & Qumran

After breakfast and check out, enjoy a visit to intriguing Masada, the spectacular mountaintop fortress built by Herod that later became the final tragic stronghold of the Jewish rebellion against the Romans. Ride the cable car to the top to explore the fortress and look down upon the remains of the Roman camps and siege ramp below. Journey to the oasis of Ein Gedi, where David and his men sought refuge from Saul. Travel to Qumran, the site of the Dead Sea Scroll discovery, to learn about the mysterious community of the Essenes who once lived on the shores of the Dead Sea. After a short drive through the Judean wilderness, we arrive in the Galilee.

Day 5 - February 16 – Caesarea Philippi & the Golan Heights

Begin our day with a panoramic view from the Peace Overlook of the Sea of Galilee. We will also visit the ancient remains of Tel Dan and the altar built by King Jeroboam I. Visit Caesarea Philippi, where Jesus traveled with His disciples and where nearby Peter made his great confession to Jesus, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Standing on the Golan Heights, see the 2,000-year-old remains of Gamla, stunning vistas, and possibly some of the huge Griffon vultures native to this area.

Day 6 - February 17 – Mount Arbel, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum & Tabgha

Travel to Mount Arbel and walk along its peak for a stunning view of the Sea of Galilee and the area in which Jesus ministered, with extended views of Mount Hermon in the north and Mount Tabor in the south. It is a magnificent photo opportunity. With Bible in hand, cross the waters of the Sea of Galilee by boat. Along the way, enjoy a special on-board worship service. Enjoy a St. Peter’s fish lunch. Travel to Capernaum, the center of Jesus’ ministry in the Galilee. Stand in the ruins of the synagogue built on the remains of the one where Jesus taught (Matt. 4). See the other excavations, including where Peter’s house is thought to have been located. Stop at Tabgha, where the feeding of the 5,000 is remembered at the Church of the Loaves and Fish (Luke 9). Also, stop at the Chapel of the Primacy, where Peter confessed his devotion to Christ 3 times (John 21).

Day 7 - February 18 – Nazareth, Sepphoris, Tel Meggido & Caesarea Maritima

Stop at Nazareth, the boyhood home of Jesus (Luke 2), and experience Nazareth Village, a recreation of village life at the time of Christ. Visit the Basilica of the Annunciation, where the Angel Gabriel visited Mary to inform her of her virgin birth. Visit Sepphoris, the cosmopolitan Roman capital of Galilee, until Herod Antipas built Tiberias. It is heralded as the traditional birthplace of Mary. Travel the ancient caravan route to Tel Megiddo, where 20 cities lie superimposed on one another overlooking the Valley of Armageddon. View the Roman aqueduct and wander through the theatre at Caesarea, a center of early Christianity. Here, Cornelius became the first Gentile convert to the new covenant, and Paul was imprisoned before being taken to Rome for trial. We finish our very full day by entering Jerusalem.

Day 8 - February 19 – Jerusalem

Look out over the “Golden City” of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, where Jesus ascended to Heaven 40 days after His Resurrection. Walk down the Palm Sunday Path, recalling the shouts of “Hosanna!” as you make your way to the Garden of Gethsemane. Pray among the olive trees as Jesus did the night He was betrayed by Judas with a kiss. Walk through the City of David excavations, including Hezekiah’s Tunnel, an amazing engineering feat that was dug from either end to meet in the middle. Peer down Warren’s Shaft thought to have served as a freshwater drawing point for the city and could have been how Joab entered the city and opened it to David’s forces.

Day 9 - February 20 – Jerusalem

Walk the museum and grounds of Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Memorial, with its poignant exhibits honoring the millions of lives lost during the Holocaust. Pray alongside the Jewish faithful at the Western Wall. Visit the Southern Wall Excavations, including the Teaching Steps, some of which remain from the time of Christ. In Bethlehem, visit the cave revered as Jesus’ birthplace and see the Church of the Nativity constructed over the site (Matthew 1:18-25). Gaze out over Shepherds’ Field before returning to Jerusalem.

Day 10 - February 21 – Jerusalem

Walk the Via Dolorosa (“the Way of the Cross”) to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built on the traditional sites of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. Take time to reflect on the agony of the cross at Gordon’s Calvary and the miraculous reality of the resurrection at the Garden Tomb. Shop at the Old City and then prepare for our late night transfer for the flight home.

Day 11 - February 22 – Depart Tel Aviv & Arrive in the USA

Depart Tel Aviv & Arrive in the USA

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Monday, February 12, 2024
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