• Our group flights are made with regularly scheduled air using such airlines as Delta, Lufthansa, El Al, United, Royal Jordanian, etc. 

  • Not all groups fly together due to itineraries, touring and size of group.  All groups will ultimately meet at the first hotel 

  • If you intend on flying with your group, you will not be able to choose the airline used. 

  • You may make your own air arrangements and just purchase the ground portion of the tour with us.  Check with our office for details. 

  • You may make your own domestic flight arrangements to meet your group at the international departure city.  Be sure to purchase tickets that allow changes without penalty.  Not all international flights go through New York.


  • All flight times are subject to change without notice– always re-confirm your flight times with the airline (We are not responsible for expenses incurred as a result of changes and/or delays). 

  • Flight details are generally available 30 days prior to your departure. 

  • A flight ‘letter’ with all your flight details will be with your Final Documents 2 – 3 weeks prior to your departure. 

  • Keep receipt(s) of expenses related to delays or changes for possible reimbursement through your Travel Protection Policy  (if purchased) when you return. 

  • Arrive for your flight 2 to 3 hours prior to departure or as suggested by the departing airport. 


  • Flight Changes - Report missed or cancelled flights to our office immediately – relay information concerning alternate flight information given to you by the airline.  Our emergency line operates 24/7. 
  • Emergency Flight Changes - If you have an emergency which requires you to change your flight arrangements and you have purchased our Travel Protection, Trip Mate, contact them first.  Trip Mate will be able to make the changes for you fully utilizing the coverage provided in your plan.
  • Always verify with airline your special request meal preference.
  • Seating has been completed by the airline – if you change your seating or make any other adjustments, please be aware that control of your ticket will no longer be with our company, but with the airline itself.


  • Make sure you are wearing your name badge -this aids in identifying you with your group!  
  • Go through customs and passport control then collect your luggage. 
  • If you have missing or damaged luggage, fill out paperwork with the airline before leaving the baggage claim area.  
  • Exit baggage claim area, watch for “EO” signs – guides will remain in the area to locate guests  
  • Follow guide instructions for transferring to the bus and loading luggage. 

Are hair dryers available?

Some but not all hotels have hair dryers in the rooms. If you bring your own, remember the voltage is 220, so you will need your adapter and converter for all electrical appliances.


The Israel/Jordan border crossing is a two-step process 1) Leaving Israel; 2) Entering Jordan.

Leaving Israel -  Your Israel guide will assist you through passport control and customs, but will not continue with you after that point.

Load your luggage on the awaiting bus.  A driver will take you through the checkpoint area as you cross the bridge to the Jordan border.

Once the bridge crossing is complete, your Jordanian guide will collect your passports and submit them to customs.  It is OK to surrender your passport to the guide for this process while you remain on the bus.

In Jordan, you will have an on-board Tourist Policeman with you.  Jordan enjoys a high level of security and the tourist police is there to maintain that high level.

You will experience the same two- step process (in reverse) when you return to Israel for your return flight home.


Keep your Passport secure, but readily available.

No photographs are allowed at the border.  PUT YOUR CAMERA (& CELL PHONE) AWAY DURING THE CROSSING.

Take ALL luggage and personal items with you.  You will be changing buses. 

Keep bottled water with you and stay hydrated.  Jordan's water is safe, however, bottled water is always the best option.

Most Jordanian buses are equipped with restroom facilities.


Keep your Passport secure, but readily available.

The bus transfer from Jerusalem to the Egyptian Border near Taba will take up to five hours.  Stops will be made for food and restrooms.

Cameras, Videos, cell phones are strictly prohibited from being used during the border crossing.

Keep bottled water with you and stay hydrated.  Bottled water is ALWAYS recommended in Egypt!

While at the Egyptian Border, you will transfer all  luggage and personal items through the customs/security just as you would at an airport.  Do not leave anything on your Israel bus as you will not be returning to it.

Before you leave the Israeli Terminal, be sure you claim the Value Add Tax (VAT) for items purchased in Israel.

Once your have crossed over to the Egyptian Terminal, our representative will continue to guide you through the formalities.  They will attach the visa stamp to your passport.

Follow instructions for proceeding to your new bus.  Enter the bus only after seeing that your luggage has been loaded.

Egypt buses are equipped with restroom facilities.

Several exciting Optional Tours are offered in Egypt.  These tours are purchased overseas on a cash only basis.  There is a minimum number of guests required to operate.  Below are the Options and pricing:

  • Giza Light & Sound Show - $40 USD
  • Nile River Dinner & Show - $45 USD
  • Luxor Light & Sound Show - $40 USD


Our deluxe touring buses are air-conditioned/heated

  • Buses have bathrooms.
  • Buses are locked while you are touring - You may leave items on the bus during the touring day – but never items of value or perishable.  Take all personal items with you at the end of each touring day.
  • Water is sold on the bus for a nominal fee.
  • ONLY drink bottled water in Egypt!

Before arriving to Taba Borders

  • Your escort to the border will be with you from the minute you leave your hotel in Israel until you arrive to Taba borders
  • From Jerusalem to Taba it’s a 5-hour drive with three rest stops
  • The last stop is Dairy Kibbutz where you may purchase your lunch
  • Make sure to take two bottles of water before leaving your Israeli Bus for crossing the borders.
  • Your Israeli driver drives 10 hours that day to Taba and back and he handles all the group luggage alone we encourage you to express your appreciation with an appropriate tip
  • Check all your personal belongings and passports before leaving the Israeli bus since you will have a different bus in Egypt.
  • Please keep your whispers on the Israeli Bus and do not take them with you to Egypt


  • If you need to cancel, call our office immediately.
  • Follow up the phone cancellation in writing.
  • Refer to brochure regarding cancellation penalties.
  • If applicable (you have accepted and paid separately for the travel protection premium), contact Travel Protection Company (Travel Insurance) to file a claim.


Staying connected while traveling is half the fun – sharing touring stories or just ‘checking in” with family and friends.  Cell phones are an excellent source for staying connected.  But there are a few things you must check on with your cell phone provider before you travel.  Here are some items you will want to check on

  • Confirm that your cell phone can be used internationally
  • Check on international rates (Note all countries being visited)
  • Inquire about activating and deactivating process.

Keep in mind other technology and apps that may be available to you such as Skype, FaceTime, Viper, iMessage, WhatsApp


  • Layer your clothing and keep it loose-fitting, cool and casual.  No ‘dress up’ events are scheduled.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are a must.
  • A sweater or light jacket is recommended.  The desert gets cool in the evenings.
  • An umbrella is useful as shade from the sun.


  • Comfortable Walking Shoes
  • Shirts/Blouses
  • Jeans/Pants
  • Pajamas
  • Socks
  • Undergarments
  • Jacket/Coat (For Fall & Winter Months)
  • Bathingsuit

Please note many holy sites require your knees and shoulders to be covered, take this into consideration while


Country Snapshot for Egypt

**Based on US/Canadian Citizens

**Passport Needed?      yes

**Visa Needed?   yes (group visa obtained by EO will cover most guests)

Shots & Vaccines:      CDC Website

Time Zone:  7 hrs. ahead of US Eastern Time Zone

Currency:    Egyptian Pound (EGP) (US Currency readily taken.  No need to exchange dollars)

Electric:  220 volts  (electric converter/adaptor necessary)

Language:  Arabic

Climate:  Hot Desert


Economy:  Mixed market , Tourism

Government: Republicanism, with Semi-Presidential System 

Religion:  Muslim

Crossing the borders

  • At the Israeli Terminal you will take your luggage and walk through security and passport control. Your escort will assist you with this.
  • After passing through the Duty Free and exit you will find luggage carts and porters. It’s your choice if you want to use them or not.
  • Guests who are not returning to Israel after Egypt should claim their taxes in the Israeli Terminal at Taba borders.
  • Guests who are returning to Israel should claim their taxes at Tel Aviv airport.
  • You will walk 300 yards to the Egyptian Terminal Where you will again go through security and passport control
  • Restrooms are available at the Egyptian side and we advise you to use them before leaving.
  • Our representative and Egypt Guide will be waiting for you on the Egyptian side.

Do I need a passport?

Yes. A valid passport is required to leave the USA. It should be valid for a minimum of six months after your return date. If you do not have a passport, apply for one immediately; it normally takes four to six weeks to be issued. Your passport information must be submitted to our office no later than 90 days prior to departure. Enter your passport information via our website. You should make a copy of your passport and keep it with you while traveling.


  • Passport
  • Copies of Passport
  • Second Form of ID
  • Flight Information
  • Name Tag
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Monies
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • List of Medications
  • Secure way to Carry Monies & Passport


Your overseas destination has a different electrical current (220V) and outlets.  Therefore, you will want to consider your electrical converter/adapter options in order to protect your devices.

  • converter is needed when you need to change the voltage in a foreign country (220V-240V) to match the voltage in your device (typically 110V). 
  • An adapter simply ‘adapts’ the shape of your plug to fit the different-shaped wall sockets in foreign countries.  It does NOT change the electrical voltage!
  • Many modern travel gadgets are already dual-voltage and require just an adapter.  Most smartphones and tablets fit into this category.  If your device is already dual-voltage, using a converter can damage your device.  Always verify the manufacturers recommendations for your device!
  • Purchase your converter/adapter before you travel, otherwise, it may be difficult to find one that is designed to convert your voltage & plug to a foreign voltage & plug.
  • Converters/adapters are easily found at stores, pharmacies or online.
  • More information:  Electrical Devices


  • Prepaid gratuities are covered for the hotel staff (porters, dining, housekeeping, front desk) 

  • Additional tipping is appropriate for additional or special services requested from the hotel staff. 

  • Tips are appropriate when eating out. 

  • Tips are appreciated when using certain restrooms (Your guide will let you know when this is expected.). 

  • Voluntary Love Offerings for your guide and driver will be collected towards the end of your trip.  Suggested Amounts for Love Offerings – Guide-$6 per person, per day; Driver-$3 per person, per day. 


Some but not all hotels have hair dryers in the rooms. If you bring your own, remember the voltage is 220, so you will need your adapter and converter for all electrical appliances.


Some but not all hotels have hair dryers in the rooms. If you bring your own, remember the voltage is 220, so you will need your adapter and converter for all electrical appliances.


  • Rooms have private showers, TV, phone, wifi (check with hotel concerning access & possible fees) 

  • Most hotels have blow dryers.  Check hotel website for details. 

  • Double Rooms are made up of either two single beds or one double bed 

  • Single rooms are smaller than double rooms and have only one single bed. 


  • Hotels are Deluxe First Class 3 & 4 Star properties offering exceptional amenities for your comfort & pleasure 

  • Hotel Names and details are available upon final overseas verification and included with your final documents which are sent 3-4 weeks prior to departure. 

  • Some hotels offer laundry rooms and/or ironing rooms. 

  • Most hotels offer laundry services at an additional charge. 

  • Electric current is 220; you will need a power converter to change current to 110 and an adapter to adapt the plug

Hair Dryers in Hotel Rooms

  • Some but not all hotels have hair dryers in the rooms. If you bring your own, remember the voltage is 220, so you will need your adapter and converter for all electrical appliances.

How do I get a passport?

Obtain an application at your nearest passport office, courthouse, or post office. You will need a certified birth certificate (with raised seal and file number) and 2 duplicate non-glossy photographs measuring 2" x 2" taken within six months of application. For more info regarding passports you can go online to: www.travel.state.gov

How long is the typical sightseeing day?

On some days, you will depart the hotel between 7:00-9:00AM and return in the late afternoon around 5:00-6:00PM. Your guide will announce the sightseeing schedule.

NOTE: Usually, a daily schedule with the next day's activities will be posted in the lobby of the hotel or ship.

How long will it take to travel from the airport to the hotel?

The transfer time can vary. Hotel rooms are usually available by late afternoon and you will sightsee until rooms are available.

How much luggage am I allowed to bring?

Due to limited space available on buses for luggage, only ONE suitcase (limited to approximately 44 lbs) and one carry-on bag per person is allowed. Garment bags are not allowed.

NOTE: Carry-on must fit under seat or in overhead compartment of the plane and under the seat or in your lap while on the bus. Most airlines will accept a maximum of 62 linear inches (length + width + depth) for checked luggage. Your final itinerary package ("Final Instructions") will include a luggage tag to be placed on your checked luggage. We strongly recommend you also add your own luggage tag on both your checked and carry-on luggage. Note: Porters will not handle your carry-on luggage. Suggestion for packing: If you are traveling as a couple, you may want to pack clothes for both in each suitcase. This way, if one suitcase is lost, each person will have clothing to wear.

NOTEMany airlines are now charging for checked baggage. Once you have received your ticket from EO, please consult directly with the airline that you are scheduled to fly on regarding their baggage policies and fees.


  • Only drink or use bottled water in Egypt - this includes use of ice, tap water, brushing your teeth, etc.
  • Refrain from eating raw vegetables & fruit that cannot be peeled.  (this includes salads)
  • Bottled water can be purchased at a reasonable price on the bus, in the hotels and from vendors.

Important Notes Below for Egypt:

  • Drink no water other than bottled water anywhere in Egypt, Absolutely no ice!
  • Do Not brush your teeth with tap water, use bottled water only.
  • Coffee, Tea and Fresh juice in the hotels and cruises are okay to drink.
  • Dairy products are fine
  • Fruits that you peel yourself are fine
  • Always check with your guide before buying food or drinks regarding which brand is better and make sure the cap is sealed
  • COVID – 19: we advise you to wear the masks in indoor and crowded places all the time.


Due to airline regulations and limited space on the motor coach, only one checked piece of luggage (50 lb. or less) per person is allowed.  One  carry-on and one small personal item (purse, laptop, etc.) is also allowed.

  • It is very important that you check with your specific airline's current luggage restrictions on their website.  Remember, there may also be weight restrictions on your carry-on luggage.
  • Carry-ons & personal items must fit under your seat or in the overhead compartments of the plane.
  • Overhead compartments on the bus is much smaller than on the plane.
  • Attach the color-coded luggage tag provided in your final documents to your luggage along with your own luggage ID tag.


  • Breakfast – Hotel Buffet includes a variety of American, European and Mid East breakfast foods including coffee, tea and juice.  (Eggs, deli meat, cheese, hummus, bread, cereal, yogurt, milk, and salads are offered).
  • Lunch – unless otherwise noted in your itinerary, lunch is on your own.   Your guide will choose an area that will offer a variety of foods.  Lunch is included while on board River cruise ship.
  • Dinner – Hotel Buffet includes a variety of meat and vegetables.  A salad bar, bread station and dessert bar offer seemingly limitless options.  Beverages, other than water, are not included but can be purchased at a supplemental charge.
  • Food Allergies/Dietary restrictions – The chef would be happy to suggest foods on the buffet that can be within your dietary needs.  However, please note that although the hotel will do everything possible to assist you, they may not be able to address each allergy or dietary concern.  Always be prepared to supplement your meal as necessary.


  • Medical devices that require electricity will likely need an international adapter/converter.  The adapter plugs simply allows you to plug your appliance in to the various wall plugs in foreign countries.  The converter is used to step up or down the voltage to properly support the electrical appliance. (see 'Electrical Converters/Adapters' below).
  • Notify the airline of your intention to bring a medical device on board - and if you intend to use it in-flight. (This includes CPAP machines.) 
  • Check with the TSA for allowances & restrictions:  TSA Medical Allowances


  • Most medications (prescriptions or supplements) are permitted for international travel, however, always check with TSA for current allowances and restrictions:   TSA Medical Allowances
  • Bring medication in its original container if possible. 
  • A written prescription of your medication(s) in generic form from your physician will assist in getting an emergency re-fill if needed while out of the country. 
  • Notify our office asap  if you have medication that requires refrigeration. 


  • Guests registering for this tour accept the responsibility for being in good health and able to walk and travel on the tour.  Because many sites are not accessible to the physically challenged, those needing oxygen, wheelchairs, or other ambulatory assistance will find the tour extremely limiting in their experiences.
  • Handicap accessible facilities cannot be guaranteed for this tour destination.  Non-US countries are not obligated to comply with our Handicap Accessible Regulations. 
  • Buses are not handicap accessible and do not have space for storing wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs/scooters or other ambulatory assistance items. 
  • If you are needing ambulatory assistance you will likely find travel on this program quite difficult and many sites inaccessible. 
  • If you are in need of assistance, we kindly request that you bring a travel partner to help.
  • On average, you can expect to walk 1 – 3 miles a day; although this is typically not all at one time.
  • Speak with your guide concerning the ambulatory difficulty at a touring site. You may either stay on the bus or sit nearby.


  • Currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound (EGP).  You WILL NOT need to exchange dollars to Egyptian Pounds.  The dollar is widely used and accepted.   

  • ATM’s are available, however, you will only receive the local currency.  **Notify your bank or credit card company if you plan to make purchases with your debit or credit card.** 

  • ATM usage generally is subject to fees and daily withdrawal limits. 

  • The amount of cash you take on tour is a personal decision.  Keep in mind the following items are NOT included:  shopping, lunches love offering and Optional Tours (paid in cash directly to your guide).  We suggest a minimum of $500 in cash. Smaller bills are suggested.

May I choose the airline I travel on?

Due to the volume of passengers traveling on various itineraries from many departure cities, you cannot select the airline for your travel.

May I purchase my own domestic tickets to the departure city?

If you are purchasing your own domestic ticket and are paying the published New York price, your International flight will be scheduled from New York. Please be advised that the rest of your group may be routed differently and/or on a different schedule. We strongly recommend that passengers DO NOT purchase discounted tickets because of unforeseen schedule changes that may result in high cancellation fees. All flight times are subject to change without advance notice. Airlines have been known to change flight times by five or more hours or cancel flights completely.

May I purchase my own domestic tickets?

If you are purchasing your own domestic ticket and are paying the published New York price, your International flight will be scheduled from New York. Please be advised that the rest of your group may be routed differently and/or on a different schedule. We strongly recommend that passengers DO NOT purchase discounted tickets because of unforeseen schedule changes that may result in high cancellation fees. All flight times are subject to change without advance notice. Airlines have been known to change flight times by five or more hours or cancel flights completely.

May I purchase my own international tickets?

Yes. But remember, airport / hotel / pier / airport transfers are not provided to passengers who are handling their own transportation. If you are a "ground only" passenger, you will meet the group at the first hotel or ship (depending on your itinerary) and leave the group at the last hotel or pier (depending on your itinerary). If you purchase your own air transportation, you will be responsible for making your own ground transfer arrangements to/from the international airports. NOTE: Due to increased security at the airports, we recommend arriving at least two to three hours prior to departure for domestic flights. Arrive at the departure airport at least three hours prior to departure for international flights (whenever possible).

May I request special seating and/or meals on the flights?

Yes, requests should be submitted in writing no later than 90 days prior to departure. We cannot, however, guarantee your request will be honored by the airline.


  • Bible
  • Camera
  • Cell Phone
  • Power Converter/Adapter
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Eyeglasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Small Umbrella
  • Daypack/Tote


  • US & Canadian Citizens -  a valid passport is required for short-term visits.
  • Passport copies need to be on file with our office prior to your departure.  Please use this Passport Registration Link.
  • Passports MUST be valid for 6 months after your return to the USA 
  • Some countries may require your passport to also contain 2 blank pages. 
  • To obtain a passport application, contact your nearest passport office, courthouse, post office, or on line at:  US Passport Website
  • VISAS for Egypt - EO provides a group Visa for US and Canadian Citizens.  Most Non-US or Canadian Citizens will likely qualify to be on this group visa.  If you are not a US or Canadian citizen, please check with our office to confirm your group visa eligibility.
  • TRANSIT VISAS – Non-US or Canadian  citizens must also check for required Transit Visas for any country that you may pass through (transit) even if it is just to change planes. 
  • Make a copy of your passport and keep it in a separate location from your passport.  This will greatly assist you should you lose your passport. 


Your journey into Petra will involve a significant amount of walking.  The walk from the entrance of this national park to the "Treasury" building is approximately 2 miles downhill.  Your entrance ticket includes the option to ride a horse as far down as the entrance to the Siq (approximately half way) - and a return ride at the conclusion of the tour.  Buggy rides are offered at an additional charge.

Please keep in mind the following:

Wear sturdy walking shoes - the ground is rocky and uneven.

Take a scarf or hat - there is very little shade.

Take plenty of water - stay hydrated!

Remember sunglasses & sunscreen.


If you plan on taking pictures:

  • Make sure you have plenty of memory or the ability to download your pictures.
  • Bring extra batteries or battery backup.
  • Be aware that certain sites do not allow photography and/or video- or may charge for the privilege.  Your guide will keep you informed of such restrictions.


  • Tour pricing is per person, based on double occupancy. 

  • If requested, we can try to match you with a roommate, however, we cannot guarantee one will be available. 

  • Single room pricing can be found on your brochure. 

  • If you request a single room or a roommate cannot be found, the single room supplement will be added to your account. 

  • If your cancellation results in your roommate having a single room, your cancellation penalty will include coverage of their single room supplement charge. 


  • Time is allowed for shopping during your touring day. 

  • Purchases made are at your own risk.

  • US Residents are allowed $800 in duty-free purchases.  Visit US Customs Web Site for further information and restrictions. 

  • VAT (Value Added Tax) is a sales tax on most goods sold. The VAT is part of the price that is marked not added at the register.  It is possible for visitors to claim back most of the tax & may be worth the trouble if you have purchased a high-priced item.  Check with the retailer to see if they offer the voucher/paperwork needed to do this.  For more information, visit on-line sources for specific countries.


MONEY - Local currency is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD).  However, US Dollars are welcome, so there is no need to do currency exchange.  

SHOPPING - Peddlers and small souvenir stands abound.  Please be considerate of other guests and be certain your bargaining does not delay the bus.

FOOD & WATER -   The food and water in Jordan is safe to consume.  Bottled water is available and can be purchased on bus, at the hotel or from vendors.

LOVE OFFERINGS - Just as our basic tours, a voluntary Love Offering will be taken up by the Bus Captain towards the end of the tour for the Jordan portion of your tour.


$6 per person/per day for the guide

$3 per person/per day for the driver


  • Headsets will be provided for your convenience in hearing the guide.   

  • The amount of time touring and site sequence can vary according to the itinerary and local conditions.  Most touring will be full days (6-8 hrs.)  Your guide will announce the schedule daily.   

  • Evenings are generally open or optional evening tours may be offered. 

  • Optional Tours will be offered closer to your departure date or during the tour.  

  • Suggested voluntary Love offering amount for guide -  $6 per person, per day; $3 per person per day.  The offering is taken towards the end of your trip.   

  • Free Days, if applicable, are listed in your itinerary.    If you skip a tour day (itinerary permitting), please notify your Tour Guide.  Missed sightseeing is not refundable.


  • Travel Protection purchased through our company offers coverage for trip interruption, lost/damaged baggage, cancellation & medical expenses etc.
  • Compete detail concerning Policy coverage is available on-line.  Travel Protection.
  •   **IMPORTANT NOTE** Services received must be paid for at time rendered.  Keep all receipts.  Request a claim form through the Travel Protection Company upon your return.
  • Your final documents will include the Travel Protection phone numbers for both the US  and international situations as well as their website.  They are available to assist you 24/7.


  • Medications
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Washcloth
  • Brush Comb
  • Shampoo
  • Soap/Body Wash
  • Cosmetics
  • Deodorant
  • Sunscreen


  • While vaccinations are not required for most destinations, you must always verify current requirements for your destination.    For this information we suggest:        CDC Travel Info
  • You may also wish to consult your physician for his/her personal advice for you. 


  • Average temperatures for Egypt:

  • Season

    Average High

    Average Low

    Spring  (March/April/May)



    Summer (June/July/August)



    Fall (September/October/November)



    Winter (December/January/February)



  • Remember, temperatures can vary widely.  Closer to your departure, check international forecasts for the area.  Weather Information

What about my luggage?

Upon arriving at the hotel, you will be asked to label your bag (with a sticker provided by the hotel) with your hotel room number. The porters will then bring your bag to your hotel room. Your will be responsible for your carry-on.

What airline will be used?

We have used many airlines, depending on your destination.

What are the hotel rooms like?

Hotel rooms are European First Class or better. Each room will have a private bath, TV, and phone. Most hotels do not provide washcloths, so you may want to bring your own but do not leave them in the bathroom as the staff will whisk them away into the laundry and you will probably never see them again.

What if I do not have a roommate?

While EOT will try to match you with a roommate, we cannot guarantee one will be available. Therefore, you should try to find a roommate and notify us of your selection no later than 90 days prior to departure. If no roommate can be found, you will receive an invoice for the single room supplement charge(s) as listed in the Fine Print under Accommodations. This notification may come as late as 30 days prior to your departure.

What if I miss my flight, or it is canceled on the day of departure?

It is the airline's responsibility to get you to your final destination as quickly as possible. However, you must call EO's office with your new flight information so we can inform our overseas office of your new arrival time. Failure to call EO with this information means there will be no one overseas to greet you when you arrive! Be sure to contact our office when you have your new flight information so we can arrange to meet you at the overseas airport. 

NOTE: When calling the EOT office (863-648-0383) after 5:00PM Eastern time, listen carefully for the emergency instructions given in the recording. Our emergency line is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What if I need to cancel?

Call our office immediately, then submit your cancellation in writing. Refer to the information in the program fine print regarding cancellation fees. Beginning at 105 days prior to departure (earlier for some cruises), you will be charged the single room supplement if your cancellation forces your roommate into a single room.

What if my luggage is lost or damaged?

File a claim at the airport before you leave the baggage claim area. It will be the airline's responsibility to get lost luggage to you or compensate you for damaged luggage. We will do our best to follow-up with the airline but the responsibility ultimately rests with the airline. We strongly suggest that you pack at least one change of clothes in your carry-on bag.

What meals are included in my journey?

Breakfast and dinner are included. Lunches only included when specified. Coffee or tea are served at breakfast but beverages at dinner will be an additional charge.

What should I expect upon arrival at the airport?

After going through passport control, you will need to collect your luggage (luggage carts may be free or available for an extra charge) and go through customs. You will be met by an airport representative outside the baggage claim area. Please follow instructions from our representative.

When are payments due?

Deposits are required to register to travel. Please see the Fine Print of your program for the payment schedule which may vary from trip to trip. After the the Final Payment Date, a late payment fee of $100 will be assessed. Please note: once the insurance premium has been paid, it is non-refundable.

When will I receive my flight information?

Flight information will be available approximately 2-3 weeks prior to departure. As you can imagine, coodinating flights for so many people can be a challenge. Please bear with us as we work to prepare your group's travel arrangements.

Who is responsible for any airline schedule changes and/or expenses?

All flight times are subject to change by the airlines without advance notice. EO is not responsible for changes and/or delays in airline schedules, nor the expenses associated with such changes.

Will I need vaccinations?

None are required, but you may wish to contact your personal physician for his/her advice.

Will a company representative be available at the airports?

Our personnel will meet groups upon arrival at your final destination and will help with return departures to the US. In most cases, there will not be a representative at US airports.

Will all flights go through New York/JFK?

No. Groups may depart from several of the major international departure gateways throughout the US.

Will my group travel together on the same airline?

Every effort will be made to keep groups together if they are traveling from the same departure city; however, depending upon the size of the group and the availability of seats on the same flights, some groups may be on several different domestic and/or international flights. You will be on the same tour bus during the entire program.
NOTE: If part of the group is participating in a pre-tour or an extension, they may not be on the same international flights as passengers doing the basic program only.
NOTE: If you depart from a different airport than your group, you may fly on a different international flight.

Will my itinerary or travel schedule ever change?

Every effort will be made to ensure you see the sites listed in your program; however, we reserve the right to alter the sightseeing itinerary and travel arrangements to accommodate changes in local conditions and/or circumstances. If possible, you will be notified of any changes that are made to this itinerary prior to your departure from the U.S.