NTS & Museum of the Bible

NTS and MOTB are excited to announce a new partnership. This collaborative affiliation will bring together the expertise of two organizations to serve all people and organizations interested in the role of the Bible and the Christian faith in the history of the world, ancient and modern cultures, and individual lives.

Included Individual Membership

NTS Guests on Holy Land and other select journeys will receive a one-year individual membership to Museum of the Bible. Access to the physical Museum and its online resources will enhance their travel experience and their understanding and knowledge of the Bible.

Museum of the Bible Led Journeys

NTS Tours and Museum of the Bible will offer exclusive and unique journeys to destinations around the world. Featuring experts and scholars, NTS Guests will enjoy exclusive access to well-known and little-traveled sites.

Exclusive On-Demand Videos (Coming Soon!)

NTS Guests will receive exclusive access to an on-demand video library designed to prepare them for their journey and enhance their understanding of the Christian Faith. Over two dozen videos will take NTS Guests from the Holy Land to America and explore the Bible's history, formation, and heritage.

Experts and Scholars

Experts, scholars, and faith leaders will present lectures, webinars, and classes to MOTB members and NTS Guests.